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quran_fragment.pdf ON AN EARLY FRAGMENT OF THE QUR'AN Papyrus No. 28 of the "Arabic papyri from Hirbet el-Mird," edited by Adolf Grohmann (Louvain-Leuven 1963, Bibliotheque du Museon, vol. 52, pp. 30-32, PI. XIV), is described by Grohmann as a "fragment of an officialIetter probably referring to the embola." His reading, translation and comments are reproduced here. Mird A 31 a 1 (M.A.B.). century A.D.). 22 X 8,5 cm. lInd century A.H. (VIIIth On the recto 16 lines are written in black ink in a cursive, inelegant hand at right-angles to the horizontal fibres. The verso (A 31b) bears fragments and vestiges of 13 lines writt~n in black iuk in a regular, skilled hand, parallel to the vertical fibres. 'fhe fragment, coming from the middle of the letter, is very poorly preserved. Of the lines 12-16 only a small strip of papyrus, 1,7 cm wide, has survi.ved. On the right side a piece, 3,5 em high and 8,3 cm wide, has detached itself from the upper layer of the papyrus. The verso is so badly damaged that it is impossible to recover much more thim some fragments of words, the translation of which is impossible. Prototype : original. [r'"~)I] cr)1 A.\ll r'"[ .] l.;1] JJI )I] , ,.. [ ].::...r'" 0'. A.\ll ~P]- J[ I 4,)"iJ 0'. 4,)"iJ ~] [~jJl] ~[I ? • .J [ ,.. ~ 0 [ ] [ .J]lij li ] 164 [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ ] c:Ll[;] J~' ]J' J.).c 'Y.J ~ ] '~'.J ']y ]~, .;Ai