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  1. M. J. Kister
    Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 24 (2000): 217-45
  2. M. J. Kister
    Le Muséon 76 (1963): 403-417
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Meir J. Kister (1914-2010), Professor of Arabic language and literature

M. J. Kister made a major contribution to the study of the spiritual, religious, economic and social aspects of pre- and early Islamic periods. Thanks to his meticulous studies we now know a lot more about the history of Islam’s sacred cities, al-Ḥīra’s relations with the tribes of eastern Arabia, Mecca's rise to prominence, the tribes of Quraysh, Tamīm and Quḍāʿa, early Islamic institutions and many other topics that caught his interest.

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Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 8 (1986): 61-96
One of Kister's research notes

Kister's Methodology

Kister's research was based on his thorough knowledge of the poetry and prose written in Classical Arabic. He attempted to collect all the available evidence regarding the scientific question under discussion, including marginal and obscure accounts, while heeding nuances in the text and variant readings. His analysis and conclusions were free from pre-conceived opinions and shed light on aspects of the pre- and early Islamic society.

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